Be remarkable or go home, the story of the birth of Kindleggings

Be remarkable or go home, the story of the birth of Kindleggings

"I have been so inspired by bestselling Author Seth Godin in the past years. I was lucky enough to participate in a conference where he was keynote speaker in 2015. His book "what to do when it's your turn" decided me to at last become an entrepreneur, after several years of hesitation. Fear was overcome! Thanks Seth!

I began following influencers like Marie Forleo and Gabrielle Bernstein because of their awesome inspirational content for women interested in entrepreneurship and mindfullness. If you have never watched MarieTV, then you MUST absolutely start today because "the world needs that special talent that only you have". On one of the episodes, Marie was interviewing Leila Janah, founder of successfull non profit samasource and innovative beauty brand LXMI. I had an epiphany.

Yes an EPIPHANY! I knew what I wanted to do, what I wanted to create! I had my idea! I was ready at last!

I was going to become a social entrepreneur.

Leila started the #givework movement. Basically she says that one of the most effective ways to fight poverty is to give work to those in need so they can create a sustainable income for their families and community via their activity.

I wanted to combine over 10 years experience in the fashion and athletic apparel industry with a true company purpose. I wanted to feel proud about my mark in the world, and the change I was making.

Kindleggings was born because leggings is my favorite outfit in the world. I love running and yoga but I also wear leggings almost everyday.

Why give 50% of all profits?

Why not?

Kindleggings is remarkable and the change we are making is not done shyly. We are giving back by giving work mainly by financing micro loans to help women create their own business and promote female entrepreneurship or education initiatives.

That is the story of the birth of Kindleggings."

Nathalie Alsing Alauzen

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