Claire Adreewitch - Natural and fresh!

Claire Adreewitch - Natural and fresh!

Claire Andreewitch is naturopathy and holistic coach. She is also a lifestyle blogger and yoga teacher. Oh yes! you heard it right. She is an empowering and energetic woman who inspires us. We got a chance to interview her and know her better.



Claire Adreewitch with Nathalie Alauzen (Kind leggings Founder)


1. You appear to have many talents, how would you describe what you do?

Thank you! Holistic wellness is my passion, so yes many different subjects to work with… to simplify I always say I’m a holistic health coach :) Working also as a naturopath and yoga instructor.


2. Can you share one of the Swedish habits that you have brought to Paris?

Having an early dinner!


3. What is the most powerful take away from your entrepreneurial journey so far?

To work aligned with your deepest values and beliefs - always the most efficient and pleasant way to evolve and grow.


4. What are you working on?

Several things ;) My online programs take a lot of time (Nutri-Glow which is a 6 weeks program focusing on nutrition, healthy eating and natural beauty,  and The Monthly Glow kit- a monthly membership with a synergy of holistic practices coming out every month). I’m also writing on my book coming out later this year (about inner beauty and outer glow, stay tuned…), and I also plan my next upcoming retreats and see clients for naturopathic consultations every week.


5. What does 'kindness' mean to you?

A notion of care, empathy and compassion. To want good for others (and for yourself!) kindness is an important link between you and the world.


6. Is there a particular leader you admire deeply? If yes, who and why?

I love Marianne Williamson as a spiritual guide… her messages about love touch me very much


7. What is your Number 1 tip to Glow?

To live aligned! Doing what feels RIGHT to you, I really believe you get an optimal glow from staying true to who you are.


8. Tell us something we don't know about you.

Hmm, hard question haha. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a star singer or dancer. Like for years that was my dream :-D


9. When you will look back on 2019, one year from now, what do you wish you will have accomplished?

A beautiful new lifestyle book which will bring a lot of joy and wellness to people, even more, developed holistic online programs and who knows, a few more successful yoga & nutrition retreats in various parts of the world and maybe the beginning of a second pregnancy by the end of the year ….;)


claire Andreewitch spotted Kind Leggings Sculpt (Summer/Spring Collection 2019)

Claire Andreewitch spotted in Kind Leggings Sculpt (Summer Spring Collection 2019)  


Compiled by Simran Mohta

Paris, France

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