Kimono Mania!

Kimono Mania!

When we think of kimonos, the first thing which comes to our minds is easy and breezy! Super flowy and comfortable to wear anywhere and everywhere.

Did you know? The word kimono literally means "thing to wear on the shoulders"; ki means "clothing worn on the shoulders or on the entire body", and mono means "thing". It is a popular traditional Japanese garment. Over time, the kimono has come to be a T-shaped wrapped garment with set sleeve lengths, variations and a set way of construction. kimono kindleggings yoga bubble mood


We collaborated with Bubble Mood, whose iconic garment is the kimonos. Every collection, they reinvent, create a solar and nomadic wardrobe. The Kind Leggings x Bubble Mood capsule collection is inspired by symmetry and culture encounters. The kimonos are featherlight and tempered with subtle <homemade> prints designed by Olivia Gurdjian, the founder of Bubble Mood. 

This collaboration supports and stands by a sustainable vision of fashion, where everything happens at its own pace, in a righteous way. The right time to create, share and produce. Following these ethics, Bubble Mood collections are ephemeral bubbles where each piece is made in a limited edition, in a human timely manner and not according to the industry calendar. 




kimono kindleggings yoga bubble mood


This global trend is now exclusively available at Kind Leggings website! We launched three different styles of kimonos - Humanity Kimono, Bubble Kimono, Monsoon Kimono. It is sporty, elegant and stands for the ultimate trend in the activewear world! You can easily combine a pair of leggings or jeans with this trendy feminine kimono. It a MUST for this season!


Made and crafted by artisans in Thaïland this product has been produced with love and care, in a small limited quantity. It comes in One Size and made from fabrics - linen and denim chambray.

Get your kimonos on sales HERE for 58€! 






kimono kindleggings yoga bubble mood

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