KIND FRIDAY: Why you should buy the right price

KIND FRIDAY: Why you should buy the right price

This is about why you should buy the right price on Black Friday


We suspect that many of you are waiting impatiently for some great Black Friday bargains today and all weekend until cyber monday. Maybe there are others that are a bit tired of all this sales craziness where in the end you can really be confused about the true value of a product in the first place.

At Kindleggings we celebrate Kind Friday instead of Black Friday and wanted to take this opportunity to clarify what our brand is all about.

First of all, our products have a real value and that is why we only wish to discount styles that are outdated or styles with very little quantity left.

Then, as you might have heard, our mission is to make a social impact by reinvesting 50% of our profits into female entrepreneurship initiatives. With such a mission, it is important that we drive our sales with campaigns that are not focused on lowering prices if we want to create a sustainable business model for ourselves and others. Our products have a value that helps us materialize our vision and that is the price that you see online, the full price.

Lastly, we want to spread the values of our brands which are Workout, Be Kind & Give Back. So we have decided to involve you in a concrete project with the sales from this weekend so that your full price investment has a specific meaning when you check out from our store.

kindleggings funding tumpa

Tumpa, is a 33-year-old married woman residing in Murshidabad district, West Bengal. She has a household of 4 members and a monthly income of INR 10,000. 

She drives an electrical goods reselling business. She wants to purchase wire, bulbs, tube lights, fans, cords, switches, remotes, batteries and lamps to expand her business.

This loan is special because it helps women in financially underserved districts in India maintain and grow their businesses.

Join us on this KIND FRIDAY to finance this loan and help Tumpa expand her business.

How? Just shop your favorite workout gear, at the right price!



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