How is this business even possible?

How is this business even possible?

Hey there kind people!

We are about to launch a business where 50% of our profits are invested back to empower women entrepreneurship all over the world. To us, this is a sustainable way to fight poverty as 90% of the income coming from female micro-enterprises are invested back in the household and community. At Kindleggings, we have the strong will to change the way we do business online and the way we look at global consumption.

How is this even possible, you might wonder? Very simple in fact. With an online business we don't have to pay rent, we don't have many fixed costs beside salaries and mostly we don't have any stock on hand. 

When you place an order from our brand, the supplier will send it from the factory directly, hence the longer delivery time.

If you are prepared to wait a little longer than usual to receive your product, you will not only help another woman, but you will also buy consciously by enabling us to have the exact supply according to demand and limit unnecessary production.

We are beyond exited to launch this exited to launch this social enterprise and pioneer a new way of looking at the fashion and athletix apparel business.

Discover our collection and join the kindness collective!

With kindness,


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