Humble Warrior x Kindleggings

Humble Warrior x Kindleggings

We are so proud to announce our first product collaboration with the awesome Humble Warrior!

Humble Warrior is a new approach to yoga that mixes vinyasa flow with hip-hop music. During the candlelit class, the teacher links breath with strong yoga sequences while moving to a curated playlist. 


As you might know, Humble Warrior is a yoga pose. It’s a grounding pose that requires strength and surrender at the same time.

kindleggings humble warrior

Off the mat, it takes on a much larger meaning that applies to life. Both words represent the true values of the brand.

 humble warrior kindleggings

Together with Dani & Kitesy, we imagined an outfit featuring our bestselling Seamless Range exclusively sold at

Influenced by Fashion, Hip Hop and Aesthetics, the founders imagined an outfit to be worn on and off the mat.

kindleggings humble warrior

Check it out the full collaboration, limited edition as long as stock last!

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