Kind Fit Tips for a Kick-A** September!

Kind Fit Tips for a Kick-A** September!

It's that time of year already! To celebrate September we have prepared some Kind Tips to help you maximize your time and energy and be the fittest you can be!

1) Kind food to your body

It all starts with healthy eating habits. We don't really believe in diets but we think that eating clean and green is so sexy. Rebecca Leffler is the queen of Green Glam tips, check out her book HERE for some serious Veggilicious tips! 

2) Find an exercise you enjoy

If you don' enjoy what you’re doing, you will find every excuse in the world to avoid your workout. Find a way to exercise that you actually enjoy, and make sure it’s effective for your body, works for your lifestyle, and fits your schedule. An amazing new offer will give you access to over 300 different studios for a monthly subscription fee. That way you can try out different things and choose what practice you prefer. Check out Urban Sports Club for more info.

Back to school can be a busy time, and some may only have time for early morning, late at night, or as fast as possible workouts! If you fit that description and love Yoga we recommend you work out from home with Yoga Connect so you don’t have to go anywhere and can fit it in around your schedule with the best teachers of Paris.

3) Schedule your workouts

If it' not written in stone in your calendar then the likelihood of you building a habit is small. Be a good kind student and Write it down!

4) Kind buddy

Build accountability with a friend, so much more motivating!

If groups energize you, join a running club or join a fitness class. With each of these, you will benefit from the built-in accountability and friendships. This would be good for people who can find clubs or classes that fit their schedules.

Ok Kind friends! Ready for your new goals?

Happy September!

Team Kindleggings

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