Kindleggings supporting smallholder farmers

Kindleggings supporting smallholder farmers

This is Anna, she  has been a farmer for 5 years. Although she is pictured alone here, she is actually representing her group of 13 female farmers in Webuye District, Kenya. Anna has always been described as a very hardworking individual.

Anna started working with One Acre Fund for the first time in 2013, and this year she decided to not only get farming inputs but also a solar light as part of her loan. She is very excited about this new addition, as now she will be able to have an overall improved quality of life. She can’t wait to send her children to school using the profits she earns from this coming season. 

Anna’s group will be able to plant a total of 4.5 acres using the farming inputs obtained with this loan, and will also receive a total of 10 solar lights.

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