New Office, New Team, Kind Gang

New Office, New Team, Kind Gang

"Success can be measured in different ways, I believe that social impact is equally as important as profits"


We are proud to announce that we recently moved to a new office location at 13 Rue des Greneta, 75003 to accommodate our growth and serve our clients at the greatly improved office surroundings. Our new space allows us to add more functions to serve our customers better and has a beautiful office cum showroom. It has outdoor seating in a natural environment. It's a shared space with a reputed communication agency, 187 COM whose client base includes Patagonia, Fujifilm, Redbull, Columbia. We are grateful to be surrounded by hands-on experts who are digital natives and thankful to everyone for their support through the years and with the move.
We are a French brand founded in 2018 by Nathalie Alsing Alauzen and is about actively giving back. Nathalie is inspired by the tremendous untapped potential in social business that is yet to be unleashed. According to her, we live in a world where global trade isn’t going away, however social enterprising is the key to a tremendous change in society in the coming years, with endless space for creativity in terms of purpose and action. Kind Leggings is a social business where 50% of their profits go to supporting organisations that assist female entrepreneurs via microloans. The brand is the result of the relentless desire to make a meaningful impact in the world, entrepreneur ambitions and the key activewear item: leggings.
Nathalie says, "I have been very busy this spring with some exciting projects to be launched in the year 2020."
Another big news! We’re very excited to be growing our Kind Team this summer with the addition of two amazing interns for digital marketing and business development who arrived this morning bright-eyed (literally) and bushy-tailed (not literally). 
Simran Mohta is the newest member of Kind Leggings. She is a travel enthusiast who enjoys discovering and exploring new countries and cultures. Yoga is vital to her as she belongs to The Land of Yoga, India. She joined the Kind team after, successfully completing her Msc. in International Marketing and Business Development from, Skema Business School, Paris. She is responsibly building E-commerce and Web Marketing for Kind Leggings and has a strong emphasis on social impact business with a meaningful vision. Her major focus is to expand and broaden strategic communication and develop a cohesive social brand message.


Alice Bouju is the other new member of the Kind crew. She is a student at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux since 2018. She is in charge of digital creative communication and works on the website and design creation. A true yoga passionate by heart, she believes that the social impact gives more purpose to the brand and to her work. She has been working in digital marketing and excited to enhance her skills at Kindleggings. It's interesting for her to interact with the clients on the website and build networks.


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  • Knit Spirit

    Congratulations for this great new location!!! And Congratulations for hiring 2 new persons!

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