Support Veronika From Samoa Through

Support Veronika From Samoa Through

At Kindleggings, we believe in 'actively giving back'. We have always taken a strong stand of giving back to women in a sustainable way. Our mission is to finance women entrepreneurship initiatives through microloans through our main partner .

This month, Kindleggings is supporting Veronika , a woman entrepreneur from Vaimoso, Samoa.

Veronika is a 27-year-old mother with two children. She runs a small business providing good transportation services to people. She has been doing this for more than two years and is working hard every day. Veronika is in need of a loan to buy new wheels, paint, air conditioning, fluids, spare parts, and air fresher to help maintain its good standard of service. She hopes to use her profits to buy another taxi and expand her business. 

This loan is designed to meet the needs of a country where financing is extremely scarce.

Country: Samoa
Average annual income (USD): $ 5,200

Veronika to expand her business. Contribute and show your support to Veronika  here .  

"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. "- Barbara De Angelis

Written & Compiled by Simran Mohta 

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