Kind Friday: Supporting Josephine's small business in Uganda

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Thanks to the profits of Kind Friday, we are honored to be part of the support team that can help Josephine expand her small business with a loan of 275USD.

Josephine is 21 years old and lives in the town of Nansana, in the Nansana region of Uganda. She is married and has two children, with one of them currently in school. For the past two years, Josephine has been working hard to manage her beauty salon, which offers services such as plaiting of braids, weaves, hair retouch, and treatment of hair. 

To help expand her business, Josephine has requested a loan of 1,000,000 Ugandan shillings from BRAC Uganda. The loan will be used to purchase a hair dryer and hair treatment oil, and will help Josephine to generate greater profits. Josephine will use the profits of the business to pay school fees for her children, provide necessities for them such as clothes, pay house bills, and provide basic needs for her family such as food, thereby improving their standards of living. 

Josephine hopes that in the future she will be able to open a bigger well-equipped beauty salon. 

Josephine is a member of BRAC's Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescents (ELA) program. In addition to microfinance loans, the program provides both a safe place for young Ugandan women to take part in group activities, and a forum for life-skills training.

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