Yoga For Karuna 2019

Yoga For Karuna 2019



"We live in an essentially interdependent world, where the fate of each being, of whatever kind, is intimately linked to that of all the others." ~ Matthieu Ricard, founder of Karuna-Shechen


Founded by Matthieu Ricard, Karuna-Shechen leads humanitarian projects in India, the birthplace of yoga, and helps more than 235,000 people every year. To support them, the altruistic movement #YogaForKaruna brings together yoga lovers from around the world for three days, during which volunteer yoga teachers organize donation-based classes. The Yoga for Karuna initiative arose from the shared commitment of several yoga teachers and Karuna-Shechen’s desire to make the world a better place. We at Kindleggings, support their efforts towards the humanitarian projects. Our brand believes in "actively giving back" and supporting such social causes for the betterment of society. 




A healthy mind in a healthy body! Every yogi is sensitive to his or her mental health and very attached to his or her physical health. The practise of yoga allows caring of the body through dynamic postures that strengthen muscles and joints, and through breathing awareness in order to breathe better and therefore live better. Practitioners can testify that the benefits of yoga for the body are real, and some even using it as therapy. At Kindleggings, we constantly support yoga teachers in their social work projects. Recently, Kindleggings supported Lisa who organised a yoga event in Paris for #YogaForKaruna


At Karuna-Shechen, they call attention to the body and health. To do so, by developing targeted health programs with a strong emphasis on preventative actions. Their medical centres and mobile clinics provide outreach and quality care to isolated populations in India and Nepal. In a holistic approach, because they know that the first step towards good health is good food, they also set up organic vegetable gardens, helping people in need have access to nutrients. They are trained in good gardening and composting practices that respect the local environment. Karuna-Shechen and yoga share the same approach to health and well-being, based on body awareness, prevention, and self-respect.



In India’s ashrams, yogis foster better living together by practising a few hours of Karma Yoga every day. These are selfless acts, made for the benefit of the community, and often evolve into meditative practices that become parts of a yogi’s journey. Some yogis even declare reaching awakening while raking leaves or cleaning dishes.

At Karuna-Shechen, anchored in the ideal of “compassion in action,” we cultivate altruism in our hearts and actions to serve others with joy and determination. We believe in the importance of fair actions for the benefit of communities, so they can break the cycle of poverty. Thus, we provide vulnerable and disadvantaged populations with access to education and professional training, clean and safe drinking water, solar power, and other sustainable solutions.

In isolated and rural communities, we work hand-in-hand with villagers to develop sustainable solutions that have a significant impact on their lives. For instance, our solar power program helps remote villages in the mountains of Nepal provide green electricity to hundreds of their homes. 

We, at Kindleggings highly appreciate and support their efforts towards uplighting the rural communities and underdeveloped areas. We believe in 'actively giving back'. We have also taken a strong stand of giving back to women in a sustainable way. Our mission is to finance women entrepreneurship initiatives through microloans through our main partner This month, Kindleggings supported and donated to Veronika, a woman entrepreneur from Vaimoso, Samoa.




Because both Karuna-Shechen and yoga originated in India and promote self-care to better the world, we unite the strength of our values around the Yoga for Karuna initiative. This inspired our Yogini, Lisa who organized a Yoga Event at Esprit Anahata on October 27, 2019, to raise a donation for Yoga For Karuna. This donation raised by her is for the benefit of the international solidarity projects in India which help 235,000 people every year. We interviewed Lisa to learn more about her social impact and purpose. 

Yoga for Karuna is a unique opportunity to join forces to reduce suffering in the world and improve the quality of life for those most in need. Together, let us be grateful to India, which has been a great source of inspiration for the West, and whose practices and wisdom still contribute to everyone’s well-being and personal development.


Sources: Karuna Shechen

Yoga Event Organiser: Lisa  

Yoga Event: Esprit Anahata 

Outfits: Kindleggings

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