Fashion revolution or transparency in the supply chain

Fashion revolution or transparency in the supply chain

"Never forget, never again" @fashion_rev

On april 24th 2013, the Rana plaza building collapsed, 1138 people died and another 2500 were injured.

The fourth largest industrial disaster.

To us, it's not about exclusively choosing fairtrade suppliers, nor about sourcing only recycled fabrics or handmade items. No this is about having control and transparency over the supply chain that we, as a brand choose to set up.

We have the responsability and accountability towards the workers behind our clothes.

The eye opening dramatic event in 2013 now inspires a movement where the consumer can ask brands where the clothes are coming from, #whomademyclothes? 

A fantastic contribution to raise awareness around a need for radical change.

Success is no longer solely measured by profits but also by human well being and environmental sustainability.

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