Meet our ambassador, Sophia Willoughby Jeremiasz

Meet our ambassador, Sophia Willoughby Jeremiasz

Originally from San Diego Sophia now lives in Paris where she founded and teaches California Barre. We are so proud to have her as a Kindleggings Ambassador!

3 words that best describes you:

Sunny, Kind, Motivated

Can you explain what California Barre is?

California Barre is a version of the American- style fitness method known as "barre". Originally created by the professional German dancer Lotte Berk in the 1960s in London, the concept was then exported to New York, and since then, has become the biggest thing that has hit the fitness market in the United States with studios opening up like wildfire. I went through an intensive training with the mother franchise Pure Barre (later Studio Barre) in California in 2012. Together with my training in vinyasa yoga, I developed California Barre and have been teaching in the hottest studios, rooftops, and hotels in Paris since 2015. 
California Barre is an American barre fitness class that mixes yoga, pilates, classical dance positions, and isometric training in order to lengthen, refine, and shape the body. The beat bumps and the sweat flows. The class is defined by 3 main sensations: burning, shaking and tucking (pelvic floor work).  
Barre is known to be an incredible cross-training option for any sport or practice and is also recommended for pregnancy and post-partum accompanied by the necessary modifications.
Sophia Kindleggings ambassador california barre

What is one of the kindest thing someone has ever done to you?

The sweetest act of kindness I've received was during my yoga teacher training. I completed my yoga training during months 3-9 of my pregnancy. A majority of the women in the training were mothers. During these 6 months they showered me with love, information, material items, and moral support for my pregnancy experience and life beyond with baby. Growing a human is a frightening endeavour and their kindness towards me was so simple, yet so meaningful. Sometimes the sweetest gift is simply moral support and solidarity.

What are you up to in 2019, can you share some of your goals with us?

2019 is already proving to be a HUGE year for California Barre. There are so many projects happening and life is quite crazy and exciting at the moment! I have to save some things for the surprise, but I can already tell you that California Barre is teaming up with Je Suis Bonne for our first official barre & personal development retreat, confirmed for June 2019 in a private beachside mansion on the island of Minorca !! More information will be available shortly on and on California Barre's social networks. 
California Barre is also currently raising funds and hoping to secure a location for the first official boutique studio here in Paris, France by the end of the year. 
Sophia Kindleggings ambassador california barre

What do you love most about French culture? What has been challenging to adjust to as an American?

I LOVE FOOD. I mainly workout because I'm such a food loving "gourmande" as they say it here in France. Food represents so much in this culture and I love that the French really emphasize this part of everyday life. People take the time. They sit down for an hour, if not two, for lunch and really talk to each other about all aspects of life, culture, politics, etc. In terms of adjustment, I miss the ocean. I'm from a beach town in southern California and my life has consisted of seeing, playing, and running on the beach every. single. day. I miss the smell, the sand in my toes, the pink breathtaking sunsets over the horizon. City life has been a total shock for me and I don't think I will ever really be used to it. 

Do you have a favourite teacher?

My favourite places to workout in Paris are Omm Studio and Mirz Yoga. I'm not sure I can pick a "favourite" teacher because there is soooo much talent, but some of my favourite yogis are : Alex Avila (amazing playlists) and his goddess stretchy wife Tatiana Avila, Gemma Vassallo, Alexandra Sajko, Ola Jas, Maricha Dumont 

Tell us something people don't know about you!

People are often surprised to find out that I was a Division 1 soccer player in San Diego and that I quit a potential professional career to move and start a new life in Paris, completely off of a whim! 

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