About Us

“Success can be measured in different ways, I believe social impact is equally as important as profits”

Nathalie Alsing Alauzen

 The story:

kind is the result of the relentless desire to make a meaningful impact in the world, entrepreneur ambitions and the key activewear item: leggings.
After over 10 years as a country manager in the fashion and athletic apparel industry, Nathalie Alsing Alauzen, our founder was inspired by the tremendous untapped potential in social business that is yet to be unleashed. Read more about Nathalie's professional background here.
We live in a world where global trade isn’t going away, however social enterprising is the key to a tremendous change in society in the coming years, with endless space for creativity in terms of purpose and action.

Our purpose

Actively giving back


We are an impact activewear brand and our mission is to give back by investing part of our profits to empower women.

We believe that when supporting entrepreneurship initiatives we help creating a sustainable impact for that person. The entire community around the entrepreneur will benefit from the income generated vs us giving charity.

nathalie alsing alauzen kindleggings founder

Our commitments

  • People: We give back through work and education for those who need it the most. Our team is our most precious asset.
  • Products: We deliver quality products made with respect of the humans beings who interact with it.
  • Profits: We dedicate a part of our profits to social impact 
  • Partners: We partner with the best in class. Read more about our partners here
  • Planet: We use digital printing technology to preserve water in textile production.


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