The 5 benefits of a digital Summer Break

kindleggings digital detox

No scrolling. No posts. No emails.

Have you ever gone on a true summer break and disconnected completely from work? Some will call it a digital detox but in the end, it's about focusing on the present moment, being close to nature, friends or family.

At Kindleggings we have decided to take that break. We believe it is a healthy way to start quickstart powerfully again in September after the summer. When you think about it, the benefits are so incredible!

1) You are more peaceful. 
If your phone or tablet isn’t buzzing, beeping or vibrating in your hand or pocket every few seconds, you begin breathing deeper and being less on edge. You relax. You slow down.

2) You think more
Checking texts, Facebook, or whatever app you choose takes your mind away from the now. 

3) You connect more with those around you
If you’re not staring at a screen, you have to stare at the person sitting next to you. You might strike up a conversation and learn something new. You might improve your relationship.

4) You step away from multitasking
A phone in hand usually means you’ll try to do two (or three or four) things at once. Without the phone, you automatically put more of your focus on the task at hand. You find yourself accomplishing more in less time.

5) You crave it
If you digitally detox once, you’re going to like the results so much you’ll want to do it again. 

On that note, see you in September!

Stay tuned for our launch event, new collection drop and social impact project.

We wish you a wonderful summer.

Team Kindleggings


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